Stop the War Coalition Bulletin

Bulletin – 23/02/22
It is crucially important that the whole of the anti-war movement responds as loudly and effectively as possible to the critical situation in Ukraine.
Stop the War has circulated a statement demanding a peaceful resolution to the crisis. We call on Russian troops to be withdrawn, but we are also demanding our government stops sending troops and arms to the region, talking down diplomacy and whipping up tension. 
We are demanding an end to the NATO expansion that has done so much to stoke this crisis and a lowering of tension through nuclear arms reduction, other arms control measures, a return to the Minsk accords and a withdrawal of British troops and arms from the region. 
We urge all our members and supporters to do the following: Share our statement and take our downloadable petitionaround your workplace, university or community.Raise our emergency resolution to your union/party/student union branch.Organise a stall in your area to put the case against war. We will send you petitions, statements, leaflets etc.Organise a public meeting in your area. Meetings are being organised in London, Manchester and Bristol as we speak – please contact the office ( if you need help with this. 
Join Saturday’s International Online Rally with CodePink, CND and No to NATO Network. Become a member of Stop the War (if not already a member).

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