March 6th – Edinburgh Solidarity with Ukraine

Sunday 6th March is an International Day of Solidarity with Ukraine – called originally by Code Pink, CND and the Stop the War Coalition. This event is coordinated by Edinburgh peace and anti-war groups.  We plan to form a human chain along both sides of Princes street    We will be there in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and with Russian anti-war protestors and we will be calling for … Continue reading March 6th – Edinburgh Solidarity with Ukraine

Update from Stop the War following the Russian invasion

The Russian invasion of Ukraine overnight is a massive escalation in the conflict there. Stop the War is calling for the withdrawal of Russian troops and for an immediate ceasefire. Our statement is here and our resolution for union branches/CLPs here. The danger of war involving nuclear weapons is more real than previously and must be opposed. The real losers will be the ordinary people of Ukraine, Russia, and … Continue reading Update from Stop the War following the Russian invasion

Stop the War Coalition Bulletin

Bulletin – 23/02/22   It is crucially important that the whole of the anti-war movement responds as loudly and effectively as possible to the critical situation in Ukraine. Stop the War has circulated a statement demanding a peaceful resolution to the crisis. We call on Russian troops to be withdrawn, but we are also demanding our government stops sending troops and arms to the region, … Continue reading Stop the War Coalition Bulletin

Statement on Afghanistan

The disaster now unfolding in Afghanistan is the consequence of a twenty-year long failed military intervention.  The responsibility rests with the US, British and other NATO governments which plunged into a war that was always doomed to fail.  The starting of the conflict, not the manner of the ending of it, was the problem.  Twenty years ago, at the moment of its foundation, the Stop the War … Continue reading Statement on Afghanistan

Global Day of Action on Yemen

25th January 2021 Is a global day of action on Yemen.  The shockingly under-reported war in Yemen has led to the death of 250,000 people and created the worst humanitarian crisis anywhere in the world according to the UN. They estimate that more than 24 million people in the country, which was already one of the poorest on the planet prior to the war, will need humanitarian … Continue reading Global Day of Action on Yemen

Exporting Death in Yemen

Professor Anna Stavrianakis outlines the complicity of UK arms manufacturers and Westminster government in breach of international law on sale of arms to regimes recognised by the same government as breaking human rights law. And then Yasmin Luqman, a British Yemeni activist, responds.  6.00pm – 7.45pm Friday 2 October  Please book on Eventbrite  and share the Facebook Event ewjf2 Join Campaign Against Arms Trade and Stop The War in exploring … Continue reading Exporting Death in Yemen