Israeli Strikes on Iran – A Sign of What’s to Come?


Israeli strikes on Iranian targets in Syria are a worrying escalation for the region and the world. Such strikes have been occurring now for several years but what makes these latest bombing raids extraordinary is Israel’s public admission that it was behind them. Netanyahu said “we will strike at anyone who tried to harm us. Whoever threatens to eliminate us, bears full responsibility.”

This may well be seen as a nudge to Trump and his advisors in the White House by Israel to join them in accelerating aggression towards Iran – something Trump’s NSA, John Bolton, is especially keen on. The admission may also lead to Iran or Syria responding with retaliatory strikes of their own – such a scenario is potentially catastrophic and may lead to a much more incendiary conflict in what is already a war torn region of the globe.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently announced that the US and Poland will jointly host a ministerial meeting on the Middle East in Warsaw on February 13-14. This meeting is designed to set the stage for a conflict with Iran which again can only lead to disastrous outcomes. An open letter addressed to representatives of the European Union has been organised by the US peace movement in protest at the meeting and we are encouraging all our supporters to sign:

It is the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the long-negotiated agreement and its increased hostility towards Iran that have added to the instability of the region and are threatening to unleash another devastating war in the Middle East.

The US is fanning the flames of conflict.

Since European countries are still a party to the Iran nuclear agreement and want to improve relations with Iran, it would not make sense for Europe to participate in a conference hostile to Iran. Your non-participation would send a critical message to other countries to follow your lead.

We urge all nations to boycott this conference and instead pressure the US administration to rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement. We urge you to host an alternative gathering with all Middle Eastern nations, including Iran, to stop terrorism and end wars, including the catastrophic war in Yemen.


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