Glasgow Stop the War

In just the first year of Trump in office, the US dropped more than half the number of bombs that have been dropped in the entire eight years of the Bush administration. He also introduced a ban targeting people from eight predominantly Muslim countries. He trampled over Palestinian rights, is on a war path with Iran (having ended the nuclear deal with that country), and has been pushing for a US invasion of Venezuela.

Glasgow Stop the War Coalition ask all our supporters to join the demonstrations. A huge turn out will greatly weaken Theresa May’s pro-war “special relationship” with the US, and it will inspire mass international opposition to the Trump administration.

Placard Making – Help us make placards for the demo’s. Come along on Thursday 12 July, 5.30pm til 7.00pm

Volunteer on our Stall – We will have a campaign stall in George Square on the evening of 13th July at the Protest Trump demo. Can you help out? Drop us an email to

Glasgow protest:
Scotland United Against Trump – Protest Trump: Takeover George Sq’ demo on Friday 13th, 5pm til around 8pm.
Facebook event here:

Edinburgh protest:
‘Scotland United Against Trump, National Demo’ Saturday 14th July, 12 noon Edinburgh:
Facebook event here:


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