Sink the Glasgow Arms Fair

From 26-28 June 2018 Glasgow is hosting the Undersea Defence Technology Conference(UDT) at the SEC.  See details below for getting to the demo on 26th June

Glasgow City Council actively bid to bring this arms fair to Scotland, promising the attending multinational corporations and their executives a wide range of free services paid for with public funds.

Attendees include the Israeli company DSIT Solutions – whose technology enforces the blockade of Gaza and whose board is staffed by members of the Israeli military – and corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Leonardo, Raytheon and Norhrop Grumman that supply arms to the Israeli state.

The arms fair is led by BAE and Babcock, chief architects of the next-generation of Trident nuclear-armed submarines. It includes talks and a discussion that include Trident and Dreadnaught. The UDT Committee includes a Commodore from the UK Submarine Delivery Agency.

 Thanks to Edinburgh CAAT for text

Edinburgh STW supporters are travelling through to the demo on the 26th on the 8.30am train from Waverley – meet up near the ticket barriers at 8.15am.  We can help with the cost of peak time travel – and we appreciate that many people who would like to go will not be able to because of work or other commitments.  If you need help with travel costs or if you could make a donation to help someone else get through then please email


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