Trump renegues on Iran deal

Scrapping the Iran nuclear deal risks another war

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran and to institute severe sanctions against it compromises the entire international framework for nonviolent conflict resolution and could lead to another catastrophic war in the Middle East. It also puts into question the de-escalation process on the Korean peninsula. Trump’s willingness to scrap a deal which ensured that Iran did not develop nuclear weapons – despite pressure from the other signatories to the agreement who all want to keep it – suggests that the US can at any time renege on its promises.

The decision gives an even greater urgency for the national demonstration against Trump’s visit – Together against Trump – which is scheduled for the 13th July at 2-7pm in Central London. More details tbc.

In the words of Stop the War convenor Lindsey German: “Trump is showing his true colours here as a warmonger not a peacemaker. This is an extremely dangerous development which presages more war not less in the region. Anti-war campaigners are part of a mass coalition which is organising to protest Trump’s visit in July and to make sure that he is aware of opposition to his plans. Opposition to war means opposition to Trump.”


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