March Against Racism

Saturday 18 March | 11am

Holland Street, Glasgow, G2 4

On both sides of the Atlantic, powerful forces are advancing the politics of racism, xenophobic discrimination and scapegoating.

We must defend Muslims against vicious Islamophobia which is being used as a “weapon of mass distraction” to justify wars and divide opposition to failed foreign and economic policies. These policies have resulted in permanent war abroad and attacks on civil liberties and welfare at home.

Millions of refugees have fled the Middle Eastern wars which Britain was instrumental in starting. Yet the Conservative government has even ruthlessly deported thousands of child refugees back to the war zones of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria (including the heavily bombed city of Aleppo). May has also reneged on a very modest deal to provide a safe haven for just a few thousand vulnerable unaccompanied child refugees in Europe.

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