International Conference: 8th October


Stop the War Coalition is organising an international conference marking fifteen years of the “War on Terror” and the founding of the Stop the War Coalition.

Sessions include:
Chilcot and the next steps for the movement • Armed and dangerous: foreign policy after the US elections • The Middle East: endless war? • Will the new Cold War turn hot? • Killing by remote control: drones and geopolitics • The war on Muslims: Islamophobia and civil liberties

Speakers will include Malalai Joya, Lindsey German, Salma Yaqoob, Brian Eno, Medea Benjamin, Phyllis Bennis, Anas Altikriti, Chris Cole, Andrew Murray, Reg Keys and Mark Serwotka.

Please invite your Facebook contacts to the conference. The ticket prices are £15 standard and £10 concession.  Go to to book.

15 years on: Time to stop the war
An international conference
Saturday 8th October • 10 – 5pm
TUC Congress House
23-28 Great Russell St
London, WC1B


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