War Criminal Bin Salman is not welcome

Theresa May has invited the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to visit Britain on the 7th-9th March. Bin Salman, who is the second most senior member of the Saudi regime, has directed the bombardment of Yemen which Britain has been aiding and abetting (including by selling them over £3.8bn worth of arms), even though Saudi bombing is violating international humanitarian law and has caused massive casualties.

The bombing and the blockade of the country have also caused an enormous humanitarian crisis. UNICEF has warned that almost the entire population of Yemen – around 22 million people – are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, especially as they lack medical care, adequate nutrition, uncontaminated drinking water and sanitation.

The Saudi regime is one of the worst human rights’ abusers: tyrannical towards its own population and towards its weaker neighbours. It tortures and arbitrarily detains thousands of people at home and has also supported repression in Bahrain, imposed a blockade on Qatar, and detained the Lebanese Prime Minister.

Stop the War is protesting at Downing Street to tell May and bin Salman that he is not welcome in London! Join us to demand that Britain stops supporting the Saudi dictatorship and its war in Yemen.

Want to take action in the meantime? Sign the petition against his visit here https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/209458.

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