Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

18 million Yemeni’s are on the edge of starvation – that’s 70% of the population. More than 2.4 million have fled their homes and more than 100,000 have been forced to seek asylum in neighbouring countries.

For nearly two years Saudi Arabia has wages a ferocious bombing campaign in Yemen.

 Successive British Governments have treated Saudi Arabia as a privileged business partner despite it’s appalling record on human rights. It has been a long-term customer for British arms – sales while David Cameron was in office exceeded £5.6 billion.

 The carnage in Yemen is being carried out with British arms and with the tacit support of the British Government.   When evidence emerged that Saudi Arabia was using British made cluster bombs (which have been illegal under British law since 2010) it said it would investigate. After months of prevarication they have now been forced to admit that this is true.

You can download the Edinburgh Stop the War petition as a PDF here.  Or if you want to customise it for local use there is an editable version here.


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