Flash-demos across Scotland 16th July
David Cameron has announced MPs will vote on whether to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system on Monday 18th July. This in spite of the fact that he has resigned and a new Prime Minister is yet to be elected and that the country is still reeling from the Brexit decision. No doubt these things have lead to this rush to squeeze a vote on Trident in before the summer recess but a selfish desire to unite the Tories and split Labour is no reason to take such an important and expensive decision in haste.

People across Scotland will be braced for yet another decision by Westminster politicians to be imposed on us. But it must be challenged and not swept away from public scrutiny or media attention. We won’t be silenced!

The Scrap Trident Coalition message is TRIDENT NO MORE so help to send it out from every town & city across Scotland on Saturday July 16th. Gather together at noon for an hour or longer to say it loudly and clearly. Local action everywhere can speak louder than mass demos in cites (they can be good too!)

Some locations have already decided on a place to meet. Check the Scrap website as we add more. If your community is not on the list please contact us <> and suggest a location. We need everyone working together, from local CND, SNP, Green, Scottish Labour, SSP, Yes groups, Radical Independence, Women for Independence, faith communities and trade unions, not forgetting MPs, MSPs and Councillors to have a huge turnout across the country.

Please JOIN and SHARE the Facebook event widely to insure as many people as possible come out.

Scrap Trident media group will do national press and communications work (and we are asking The Proclaimers to help out) and please ask if you need help with the really valuable local media work contacting local papers and radio.
On the Saturday we need people to take – and tweet and post – photos and also to share them to the Scrap Trident Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Please Use the Hashtags #TridentNoMore and secondly #ScrapTrident.

We have support from The Proclaimers who wrote ‘A Letter To America’ … ‘ Bathgate no more, Linwood no more, Methil no more, Irvine no more.’ This time, it’s TRIDENT NO MORE!

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