The hidden war in Yemen – lobby your MP

Britain has been breaking national and international law by selling arms to the Saudis. It sold £2.8 billion worth of arms to this hideous dictatorship since it began its savage bombing campaign in Yemen last year. The UK government is also providing direct military assistance to Saudi Arabia in this campaign. There are UN reports of Saudi war crimes committed against the civilian population of Yemen. Thousands of people have died, over 14 million Yemeni people are going hungry, and around 1.8 million children are out of school. A thousand schools have been damaged beyond use in the course of the bombing, which is ongoing.


Stop the War’s lobbying campaign over Syria saw over 70,000 people write to their MP to make their opposition to another war in the Middle East clear. The lobbying campaign had a significant effect as more than two-thirds of Labour MP’s voted with their leader against bombing. British complicity in Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen is there for all to see so we are asking you once again to write to your MP to encourage them to sign the Early day motion 1170 and support the implementation of the European Parliament’s call for an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia.

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