Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

18 million Yemeni’s are on the edge of starvation – that’s 70% of the population. More than 2.4 million have fled their homes and more than 100,000 have been forced to seek asylum in neighbouring countries. For nearly two years Saudi Arabia has wages a ferocious bombing campaign in Yemen.  Successive British Governments have treated Saudi Arabia as a privileged business partner despite it’s appalling … Continue reading Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Medact report on the recruitment of young people to the armed forces

Following this important Medact report highlighting the high level of risk to the mental health and well being of young people joining the armed forces under 18 years of age there are now motions going forward at Westminster (Early Day Motion 694) and Holyrood (Motion S5M-02539). Contact your MSP and MP to ask them to support these motions. You can read the report here . Continue reading Medact report on the recruitment of young people to the armed forces

Statement on Syria

The maimed bodies, millions of refugees and devastated cities of Syria and Yemen are an indictment of a system that puts the strategic interest of global and regional powers, and the profits of the arms industry before people’s needs. The war in Syria began with Assad’s brutal response to Syrian citizens protesting in the face of economic hardship. But the nature of Assad’s response, his … Continue reading Statement on Syria